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I’m going to deviate from my Zen-habits list today, because sometimes you just want to write about fun stuff – not always evaluating and making lifestyle changes!

I just love the games my kids make up.  There are just two of them, my son in 5th grade and my daughter in 3rd grade.  They are often together without other kids, because we don’t have alot of neighbors or relatives their age.  And for years they have had a great knack of making up games to entertain themselves. I’ll describe just a couple…

One year we got new drinking glasses, and they discovered that each of the glasses had a very small number printed on the bottom.  So they made a game of who would get the “lucky” glass at each meal.  If you got the “1” glass you were lucky, because that was the lowest, and if you got the “45” glass you were lucky because that was the highest.  If someone had the “35” glass and someone else had the “36” glass you were both lucky because it was a sequence.  Etc. etc. etc.  I was amazed that they would come up with this, and we played it for over a year at most meals.

This past weekend they made up a game while we were at Petco.  They decided to add up how much it would cost to buy the pet of their choice, including pet, cage, food, toys, bowls, etc.  Then whoever’s pet cost the least won.  I thought it was a great math game and life lesson, so we stayed there for an hour while they played out this game twice.  They discovered pets are alot more expensive than just the cost of the pet!

It’s so fun to see them make up these games and get along together.  They don’t always go smoothly, and of course like all siblings they fight sometimes, but it’s very heartwarming to watch them create these games and play them together all on their own.

Do your kids make up creative games together?  Tell me about them!


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