The Garden at Bag End

The Garden at Bag End

This is my first venture into blogging. But I have enjoyed reading many other people’s web logs, especially ones about simple and frugal living. I am trying to transition from being someone who was caught up in the whole “consumerism” mess to someone who is happier with simpler things and less ‘stuff’. It’s difficult to make that transition though. In my heart and head I know the reasons I want to do it :

  • to waste less money
  • to be kinder to the environment
  • to spend my time and energy wisely on things that are truly important to me
  • to de-clutter my space and live in a more ‘homey’ home
  • to finally know peace and be happy in the present

I hope to put some thoughts down here, and share them with you so that others, who may have a similar goal, can share their thoughts and ideas with me.

I chose the moniker “The Road to Hobbiton” because I am a fan of Tolkien, and Hobbiton and The Hobbit represent a simple, quiet life where folk enjoyed themselves and their surroundings, were honest and caring with one another (even when they disagreed), and happiness was a good meal, a warm fire, and friends and family nearby. I hope to explore that metaphor more completely as I continue.

Cheers for now!